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Our Journey

Founded in 2021 by visionary leaders and part of the NAKA Ventures group, UpOnly set out to build essential services for project owners, investors, and stakeholders in the crypto world. Evolving into a one-stop solution, we now offer a range of services including marketing, community engagement, fundraising, trading, and financial services.


Level Up Crypto Projects with UpOnly

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, UpOnly stands as a transformative force. More than just a solutions platform, we are dedicated to accelerating the growth of crypto projects with ready-to-use solutions. Our mission is to cater to every aspect of a crypto project's lifecycle, from inception to execution.


What we Offer

Marketing and Promotion
High visibility for projects through Banner (Ads) services and an integrated Blog for content marketing.
Community Engagement and Contests
Interactive features like Tournaments and Project Quality Evaluation to build a loyal community.
Fundraising and Investments
Simplified capital-raising process with our ICO feature.
User Incentives and Rewards
Engaging users through Staking options, Reward point systems, Loot Box open API, and Gachapon features.
KOL Tracker System
Efficient tracking of community and Key Opinion Leader activities.
Marketplace and Trading
Secure and efficient crypto transactions through our Marketplace feature and Open API.
Financial Services
Innovative services like NFT loans, expanding economic opportunities.

Introducing $UPO Tokens

$UPO tokens are at the heart of the UpOnly ecosystem, offering a range of utilities to enhance user experience. These tokens not only serve as a medium of exchange within our platform but also provide users with access to exclusive features, rewards, and services. Holding UPO tokens unlocks a world of possibilities, from participating in special events to accessing advanced platform functionalities.




Rapid Development and Market Entry: Reducing development time for quicker market entry.

Reducing development time for quicker market entry.


Enhanced Marketing and Community Engagement

Reducing development time for quicker market entry.


Streamlined Fundraising and Asset Management

Making capital raising accessible and transparent.


User Engagement and Financial Services

Rewarding engagement options and innovative financial services.


Data-Driven Decision Making and Scalability

Valuable analytics and insights for informed decisions.

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Whether you're an emerging crypto project or an established player, UpOnly is here to elevate your journey. Discover how our comprehensive platform can transform your project today.

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